From 06 february 2018 to 07 february 2018

February 6, 2018? Heavy snowfalls in Paris! Finally, 10 cm, enough to make our Canadian or Quebec friends laugh 😉

February 6 in the evening: I got stuck at the hotel, couldn't get home: all the roads were blocked! And the hotel was sold out!! So I went to sleep with my sister in Paris.

When Yvrose arrived in the morning at 6:30, breakfast was set up, she didn't arrive at the hotel because the trains had problems... Florine and I, a tight-knit team, set up the breakfast buffet, hop hop hop, mutual help 🙂

Then the whole team arrived: Marie Jeanne, Yvrose, Edna, Christiana, Marie Flore... None was missing: what a wonderful team and I take this opportunity to thank them. They will change and go up with their uniform: ballerinas, light trousers and a shirt!!! Catastrophe: they are frozen then direction the stores with Florine to equip them warmly. Return at 10am: Their joy when we returned with fleece and down jackets 🙂

During this escapade we were able to take nice pictures of the courtyard and Paris under the snow, which I would like to share with you 🙂

We look forward to meeting you soon...


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