It was September 10, 2015 …

I am passionate about sewing and I like to create patterns, have fun with pretty fabrics since my childhood … I wanted to share my passion with my guests and discover some creative ladies : Laura, Jennifer Claire Rose Line, Laurette, Helen (and me ….).

We met for a drink, to display and sell the beautiful creations of the autumn-winter 2015. In the evening, those who wished could participate in tissue swap … But what is it?

If you are a seamstress, you will report probably the idea: over time, we accumulate fabrics or sewing supplies. Every year we give appointment with a dozen creative near Versailles: we pool all the materials we no longer want to use, and we help ourselves in others that interest us … In the evening, it remains necessarily a number of tissues that nobody wants, and we are donating to charitable associations or schools. Thus, once a year, we exchange our tissues, and we renew our stocks with fabrics that we would probably not have the idea to buy …

Below are some photos for you to relive that moment full of joy with us!

At the hotel, in the window of the reception, you will find my latest creations;-)


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