Metasearch: best price?

Saving time and money ? Everyone dreams and the metasearch have understood this, but is it a good plan?

Everyone is looking for the best price and that's the battle: given the advertising budget, how profitable is it?

The price comparators compare the prices of an entry-level room, double occupancy, at the best available price in real time. The problem? They compare the prices of those who subscribe via the payment of a commission, a price per click or a fixed monthly amount ... 

You will find the best price actually among these sites distributors who have marketing budget allocated to this communication, and some independent hotels allocate budgets to appear but not all ...

Finally, you will only see the public offers and not the hidden offers. Let me explain: if you are a loyal customer of a distributor site, you certainly have access to preferential offers that will offer you an advantage that metasearch can not access.

So, to find the best price for a room 3 searches in 3 clicks:

The metasearch to know the best public offer
If you are a member of a distributor site, check your benefits acquired
The official website of the selected hotel that can certainly offer you a very attractive price because free of various commissions and various distribution and marketing
Good research ;)


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