Macron Law : abolition of rate parity !

Before this law from 2015, the hotelier was forbidden to offer its customers lower rates than those allocated to its distributor sites. The Macron law has ended and that's good!

It is well known that the hotelier pays a commission on its sales via the sites distributors usually between 15 and 30% depending on the sites: and that's normal! Indeed, these sites have marketing budgets and hitting powers that a hotelier alone can not have! Thanks to them, we can easily reach far-off countries where marketing budgets would be impossible for companies of our size!

However, it appears normal that a user making the effort to buy his room directly to the seller does not have to bear marketing costs that he has not used!

This is why the rates and benefits offered on the official sites of hoteliers are now, thanks to this law, very often more advantageous because sold directly!

Let's be honest anyway: do not forget to consult the special offers you can have on the sites of which you are a member, the hotel can not always follow the commercial actions ...

Benefits offered on official sites can take many forms:

Live offers that are not offered on the distributors' websites
The breakfasts offered or at reduced rates (always consider the price of the breakfast which sometimes makes a big difference on the total price of the stay ...)
Room rates up to 10% below the rates allocated to the websites
Also note that hoteliers like the small VIP gift for direct customers, the little surprise on the cake when we arrive at the hotel ;-)

Have a good day !


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