We are pleased to welcome you on Thursday 18 May 2017, from 19h to 22h around a glass of champagne for the opening of Emilie Ménard and the beginning of her exhibition which will last until 14 July 2017.


Always beautiful and voluptuous, feminine but assertive, determined but fragile, erotic but inaccessible. They represent my vision of contemporary women: both paradoxical and ambivalent, beautiful in all its contradictions.

EMILIE MENARD, A MONTANT ARTIST: Self-taught artist, her main sources of inspiration are young women whose faces express a true personality. Questioning the role of women in our society and the evolution of femininity, she seeks to represent free, emancipated and solitary women.

She draws inspiration from urban art, comics and pop art to bring her subjects to life. Most of her paintings are in acrylic and oil, and she sometimes uses spray cans or stencils to finalize the painting.

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